Increase the Appeal of Your Property with the Help of Photos

Increase the Appeal of Your Property with the Help of Photos

Some will say: "Why should I take a photo of my apartment or house? Who needs it? They will come and see everything".

But someone has to get interested to come! You can have an amazing apartment in a nice building, it might have a sea view, be in a wonderful neighborhood and have upgrades and freshly done renovation. But all these descriptions are just written lines in the ad. And the person receives more than half of the information through visual sensation. In order for a potential client to come to you, he or she needs to be interested. The best way to achieve it is to create visual impact through the quality photographs of the property you are offering.

Nowadays, majority of us use different models of smartphones with a camera and ability to capture a photo. You do not need to be a professional photographer to take pictures that will attract more customers to your property simply by using your smartphone (even if you do not have a professional camera).

Of course, a professional photographer or graphic designer can create for you a slide show or a 3D photo that gives potential client ability to "walk through" your property. And this, of course, is beautiful and much more presentable. But even you, using some tips, will be able to take attractive photos for your ad.

What should be in you photographs:

  • A general panoramic photo of your house/building from the street will be showing your potential customers location of your property, condition of your house and the adjacent street. The photo needs to be taken only in a bright sunny day, which will add to your photo a positive mood.
  • Photo from the window, if you have a good view of the park, garden, pond or sea. If you have a wonderful view of the city at night – it’s great idea to take picture of it too.
  • Photos of all rooms giving a complete overview.
  • Photos of the kitchen, bathroom, and utility rooms.

What to avoid in your photographs

Before taking pictures, please remove all clatter or personal items from your apartment (house). If you are preparing your property for sale or rent, it’s might be a good idea to stage premises (about this in another article) or at least pack away all personal belongings, toys, make all beds that might be seen in the picture and remove dirty dishes from the sink. While taking pictures at the kitchen, as a general rule, remove from the view piles of dishes, numerous gadgets occupying all surfaces, scattered all over packages with grocery, or a pot standing on the stove and cooking at full steam your favourite soup. It’s implied that the rooms and kitchen should be tidied up and clean.

Try to avoid taking and posting pictures for rental or sale purposes with yourself or your relatives in them. Of course, you might love a picture of your favourite uncle who is enjoying his beer while sitting on the couch wearing only his comfortable T-shirt and undies, but still, you’re renting an apartment, not your uncle.

If you have a favorite pet, such as a cat (dog, parrot, crocodile), no matter how adorable it is try to avoid having it in a photo of your property. Not all people love pets, some cannot tolerate them due to allergies or other reasons and such demonstration of affection might push away from your listing a certain number of people.

Additional tips.

Try to take photos of the interior either on a sunny day or in bright light.

The posted photos should be centered so that while viewing them you do not have to turn your head.

How many photos needed to be taken? Let’s count together. Suppose you have a two-bedroom apartment in a building: the view of the house, view from the window (if it is a good view), and a photo of each room, hall, kitchen, and bathroom. It turns out not less than six. However, for a greater impact, take a pictures of the hall and the kitchen from the different point of view. Do not post too many photographs as they might distract potential customers. So, in our example, the best option is at least 6 but not more than 10. If the property has more rooms, the number of photos should be higher.

Good quality and informative pictures greatly increase chances of the successful rent or sale of your property!